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Annals of Oradea University - Mathematics Fascicola

Tom XXIX (2022), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. G. S. Saluja – Some fixed point theorems on S-metric spaces using C-class functions with applications Abstract (.pdf)
2. Arezki Touzaline – A unilateral frictional contact problem Abstract (.pdf)
3. Hocine Mohamed Braiki, Mama Abdelli, Naima Louhibi, Ali Hakem – Wellposedness and general decay of solutions for a Petrovsky equation with a memory term Abstract (.pdf)
4. Daniel. A. Romano – Concept of filters in JU-algebras Abstract (.pdf)
5. G. S. Saluja – Some fixed point theorems via simulation functions on S-metric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Sinem Tarsuslu (Yilmaz) – Intuitionistic Fuzzy Quasi-Interior Ideals in Ordered Γ - Semigroups Abstract (.pdf)
7. Ali Hakem and Svetlin G. Georgiev – Classical solutions for the semi-linear Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation Abstract (.pdf)
8. P.Jeyanthi, G.Geetha, Ahmad Al-omari – Generalized developable spaces Abstract (.pdf)
9. George A. Anastassiou – γ- Schatten norm Generalized Canavati Fractional Hilbert-Pachpatte type inequalities for von Neumann-Schatten class Bγ(H) valued functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. George A. Anastassiou – Generalized symmetrical sigmoid function activated Banach space valued ordinary and fractional neural network approximation Abstract (.pdf)
11. Munuse Akcay and Gulen Bașcanbaz-Tunca – Approximation properties of bivariate Jain operators Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVIII (2021), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Ilojide Emmanuel – Homomorphisms of Q-algebras Abstract (.pdf)
2. P. Jeyanthi, P.Nalayini, T. Noiri – Δμ - Connectedness in Generalized Topological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
3. Sezer Erdem, Serkan Demiriz – The Spaces of Almost Euler-Totient Convergent and Almost Euler-Totient Null Double Sequences Abstract (.pdf)
4. Ömür Deveci, Özgüur Erdağ and Furkan Yilmaz – The Hadamard-type order-$k$ Jacobsthal Sequences Abstract (.pdf)
5. Kallol Bhandhu Bagchi – Some remarks on Joseph's characterization of nearlycompact spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Ramazan Ekmekçi – Semi-compactness spectrum in graded ditopological texture spaces Abstract (.pdf)
7. Abbas Kareem Wanas and Nanjundan Magesh – Applications of (M, N)-Lucas Polynomials for λ-Pseudo Bi-Starlike and λ-Pseudo Bi-Convex Functions with Respect to Symmetrical Points Abstract (.pdf)
8. Dileep L., P. Nandini – On Classes of q - AL-Oboudi type Harmonic functions Abstract (.pdf)
9. N'Guessan Koffi, Halima Nachid, Touré Kidjégbo Augustin – Asymptotic analysis for a reaction diffusion equation with a localized nonlinear source term and homogeneous boundary conditions Abstract (.pdf)
10. P. Nandini, M.Ruby Salestina, S. Latha – Some Subclasses of regular functions in conic domains associated with (p, q) – derivative Abstract (.pdf)
11. Sarah A AL-Ameedee, Waggas Galib Atshan, Faez Ali AL-Maamori, Sibel Yalçin – On Third-Order Sandwich Results of Multivalent Analytic Functions Involving Catas Operator Abstract (.pdf)
12. George A. Anastassiou – On discrete fractional calculus and inequalities Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVIII (2021), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. Ritu Sen – On some variations of I-Menger spaces Abstract (.pdf)
2. Sheza M. El-Deeb and H. Orhan – Fekete-Szegö Problem for a Class of Analytic Functions Connected with q-Analogue of Integral Operator Abstract (.pdf)
3. George A. Anastassiou – Conformable Fractional Approximation of Csiszar's f-Divergence Abstract (.pdf)
4. Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa – On Contra m-I-Continuous Multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
5. Ahmed Benzian, Yamna Boukhatem and Benyattou Benabderrahmane – General decay of solutions for a system of variable coefficients viscoelastic wave equations with damping terms Abstract (.pdf)
6. Saurabh Porwal and Sanjay Kumar Ghai – A new subclass of harmonic univalent functions defined by q-calculus Abstract (.pdf)
7. Abbas Kareem Wanas, Xiao-Yuan Wang and Serap Bulut – Applications of Horadam Polynomials for a New Family of Bi-Univalent Functions Associating Bazilevič Functions with λ-Pseudo Functions Abstract (.pdf)
8. H. Erhan Altin and Harun Karsli – Some approximation properties of a nonlinear Szász-Mirakyan-Durrmeyer operator Abstract (.pdf)
9. Kamiludeen Tijani and Abdulraouv Alabi – On coupled fixed point theorems involving two metrics Abstract (.pdf)
10. A. K. Wanas and J. Sokól – Second Hankel Determinant for Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions with Respect to Symmetric Conjugate Abstract (.pdf)
11. Iancu T. Ionuț – Quantitative Grűss-type inequalities for Kantorovich operators Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVII (2020), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Anes Moulai-Khatir, Moussadek Remili and Djamila Beldjerd – On Asymptotic Behaviors For A Kind Of Third Order Neutral Delay Differential Equations Abstract (.pdf)
2. G. S. Saluja – Some fixed point theorems in partial cone metric spaces under contractive type conditions Abstract (.pdf)
3. Tuğba Bostanci – On a Bernstein type operator Abstract (.pdf)
4. Abbas Kareem Wanas – Fekete-Szegö Problem for a Certain Family of Bi-Univalent Functions Associated with Horadam Polynomials Abstract (.pdf)
5. Eszter Szatmari – Inclusion relations of analytic functions associated with Poisson distribution series and Sălăgean operator Abstract (.pdf)
6. Sofiane Messirdi, Sanaa Messirdi and Bekkai Messirdi – New characterizations of left and right generalized Drazin invertible bounded operators Abstract (.pdf)
7. Touzaline Arezki – Optimal control of a frictionless contact problem with unilateral constraint Abstract (.pdf)
8. Marian Degeratu and Mihai Ivan – Computing of group-subgroupoids of modular group-groupoid Zn(a,b) Abstract (.pdf)
9. Artion Kashuri, Muhammad Raees, Matloob Anwar, and Ghulam Farid – On some Ostrowski type inequalities on fractal sets via generalized strongly m-convex mappings Abstract (.pdf)
10. Camelia Bărbatu, Daniel Breaz – The univalence conditions criteria of a general integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
11. George A. Anastassiou – Trigonometric Commutative Conformable fractional Korovkin properties for Stochastic processes Abstract (.pdf)
12. F. Salama – Exact Value of Total Edge Irregularity Strength for Special Families of Graphs Abstract (.pdf)
13. P. Nandini and S. Latha – Coefficient estimates of certain classes of analytic functions of complex order by using q-Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVII (2020), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. O. Karthiyayini and V. Sivasankari – Second Hankel determinant for a subclass of bi-univalent functions involving the Chebyshev polynomials Abstract (.pdf)
2. Yusuf Beceren and Takashi Noiri – On αδs-irresolute functions Abstract (.pdf)
3. Șahsene Altinkaya, Samaneh G. Hamidi, Jay M. Jahangiri, Sibel Yalçin – Inclusion properties for bi-univalent functions of complex order defined bycombining of Faber polynomial expansions and Fibonacci numbers Abstract (.pdf)
4. Maslina Darus, Emel Yavuz and Shigeyoshi Owa – Some results on certain analytic functions Abstract (.pdf)
5. George A. Anastassiou – Low order Riemann-Liouville fractional inequalities on a spherical shell Abstract (.pdf)
6. P. Jeyanthi and G. Geetha – Generalized Volterra spaces Abstract (.pdf)
7. Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa – On MI-Continuous Functions Abstract (.pdf)
8. Vildan Çetkin – Intuitionistic Fuzzy Strong b-Metric Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
9. G. S. Saluja – Some existence results for contractive type mappings in cone Sbmetric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
10. Samir Ch. Mandal, Dhananjoy Mandal and Krishanu Mandal – On a type of N(k)-paracontact metric manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
11. George A. Anastassiou – About the right fractional local general M-derivative Abstract (.pdf)
12. S. Jafari, T. Noiri, N. Rajesh and R. Saranya – Properties of β-open sets in ideal minimal spaces Abstract (.pdf)
13. S. S. Dragomir – Inequalities of Jensen Type for HA-Convex Functions Abstract (.pdf)
14. Alina Alb Lupaș - Subordination results for fractional integral associated with Dziok-Srivastava operator Abstract (.pdf)
15. S. M. El-Deeb and Alina Alb Lupaș - Fuzzy Differential Subordinations Associated with an Integral Operator Abstract (.pdf)
16. Fatemeh Norouzi and Gaston M. N'Guérékata - A new study of fractional-order financial system via homotopy analysis Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVI (2019), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. A.E. El-Ahmady, M. El-Ghoul, A.T. M-Zidan – Folding effect on some geometrical properties of some geometric figures Abstract (.pdf)
2. Waggas Galib Atshan, Abbas Kareem Wanas and Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy – Properties and Characteristics of Certain Subclass of Multivalent Prestarlike Functions with Negative Coefficients Abstract (.pdf)
3. Zoran D. Mitrović, Ivan D. Arandelovic – The condensing KKM maps and best approximations in hyperconvex spaces Abstract (.pdf)
4. Peter V. Danchev – Rings Represented as Finite Unions of Special Elements Abstract (.pdf)
5. M. Murali Krishna Rao – (f, g)-Derivation of ordered semirings Abstract (.pdf)
6. Marapureddy Murali Krishna Rao – Tri- ideals of Γ - semirings Abstract (.pdf)
7. Tanmay Biswas – Relative (p, q) -th orders based on some growth properties of wronskians Abstract (.pdf)
8. Mukesh Kumar Singh, Saurabh Porwal – Some Inclusion Relations of Analytic Univalent Functions Associated With Poisson Distribution Series Abstract (.pdf)
9. A. T. Ademola, A. M. Mahmoud, P. O. Arawomo – On the behaviour of solutions for a class of third order neutral delay differential equations Abstract (.pdf)
10. Touzaline Arezki – Study of an optimal control of a frictionless contact problem Abstract (.pdf)
11. Waseem A. Khan, Hiba Haroon, Idrees A. Khan – On p-adic integrals for degenerate Hermite-Euler numbers and polynomials Abstract (.pdf)
12. Nursel Çetin, Gülen Bașcanbaz-Tunca – Approximation by a new complex generalized Bernstein operator Abstract (.pdf)
13. Silvestru Sever Dragomir – Some Inequalities for the Generalized k-g- Fractional Integrals of Functions under Complex Boundedness Conditions Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXVI (2019), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. Sumita Das (Basu), Prakash Mukherjee and M. N. Mukherjee - Intuitionistic fuzzy almost compact sets in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
2. Bendehiba Senoussi and Mohammed Bekkar - Translation surfaces of finite type in H3 and Sol3 Abstract (.pdf)
3. R. Mariappan and M. Murugalingam - On m-b-I-open sets and m-b-I-continuity Abstract (.pdf)
4. E. E. Ali - New Subclasses of bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Dziok- Srivastava Operator Abstract (.pdf)
5. Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa - (i, j)-m-Iterate Structures and (i, j)MITContinuity Abstract (.pdf)
6. Tanmay Biswas - On somegrowth analysis of entire and meromorphic functions in the light of their relative (p,q,t)L-th order with respect to another entire function Abstract (.pdf)
7. Nouiri Brahim and Benabderrahmane Benyattou - Dynamic total slip-ratedependent frictional contact problem for a nonlinear viscoelastic materials with long memory Abstract (.pdf)
8. M. Crâșmăreanu - A mixed gradient-type deformation of conics and a class of Finslerian-Riemannian flows Abstract (.pdf)
9. Abidi Jamel - On convex and analytic functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. G. S. Saluja - A new three-step iteration for multivalued nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces Abstract (.pdf)
11. George A. Anastassiou - Canavati fractional Iyengar type Inequalities Abstract (.pdf)
12. A. Pogorui, T. Kolomiiets and R. M. Rodriguez-Dagnino - An algebraic approach for solving fourth-order partial differential equations Abstract (.pdf)
13. Abiodun Tinuoye Oladipo - Generalized distribution associated with univalent functions in conical domain Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXV (2018), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Artion Kashuri, Rozana Liko – Some new Ostrowski type fractional integral inequalities for generalized relative semi-(m,h)-preinvex functions via Caputo kfractional derivatives Abstract (.pdf)
2. Lynda D. Oudjedi, Moussadek Remili – Stability, boundedness and square integrability of solutions to third order nonlinear vector differential equation Abstract (.pdf)
3. Abbas Kareem Wanas, Abdulrahman H. Majeed – Differential Sandwich Theorems for Multivalent Analytic Functions Defined by Convolution Structure with Generalized Hypergeometric Function Abstract (.pdf)
4. Noureddine Bouteraa, Slimane Benaicha – The uniqueness of positive solution for nonlinear fractional differential equation with nonlocal boundary conditions Abstract (.pdf)
5. Saurabh Porwal, Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy – Mapping Properties of Poisson Distribution Series on Some Subclasses of Univalent Functions Abstract (.pdf)
6. T. Panigrahi – A certain new class of analytic functions associated with quasisubordination in the space of modified sigmoid functions Abstract (.pdf)
7. Tanmay Biswas – On some bounds involving (p,q)- relative Ritt type and (p,q)- relative Ritt weak type of entire functions represented by vector valued Dirichlet series Abstract (.pdf)
8. B. K. Tyagi, Harsh V. S. Chauhan – cμ - cμ -connectedness and V - θ - connectedness in generalized topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
9. G.S.Srivastava, Akanksha Sharma – Multipliers on Spaces of Vector Valued Dirichlet Series Abstract (.pdf)
10. Mustafa Habil Gürsoy – Bundles of Topological Generalized Groups Abstract (.pdf)
11. Ajoy Mukharjee, Madhusudhan Paul, M. K. Bose – On some weaker and stronger versions of compactness Abstract (.pdf)
12. Rajendra Prasad, Shashikant Pandey – Semi-slant Riemannian Maps from Almost Contact Manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
13. Ali Oumhani, Abdelaziz Amroune – More on fuzzy lattices and their filters Abstract (.pdf)
14. Ajab Bai Akbarally, Nur Alia Jamahushaini, Serap Bulut – Faber polynomial coefficient estimates for a subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions defined by Carlson-Shaffer operator Abstract (.pdf)
15. Pravati Sahoo – Some Radius Problems on Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions Abstract (.pdf)
16. Balvir Singh, Divya Bajpai – Comprehensive family of harmonic univalent functions defined by q – calculus Abstract (.pdf)
17. B. Meftah – Some Ostrowski's inequalities for functions whose nth derivatives are s-convex Abstract (.pdf)
18. Andrei Loriana, Alb Lupaș Alina – Differential Sandwich Theorems using a generalized Sălăgean operator and Ruscheweyh operator Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXV (2018), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. B.A. Frasin – Univalence conditions for an integral operator of analytic functions Abstract (.pdf)
2. Wafaa Albarakati, Mouffak Benchohra, Jamal E. Lazreg, Juan J. Nieto – Anti- Periodic Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear Implicit Fractional Differential Equations with Impulses Abstract (.pdf)
3. Mihai Ivan, Marian Degeratu – A method for computing of group-subgroupoids of finite group-groupoids Abstract (.pdf)
4. Abbas Kareem Wanas, Abdulrahman H. Majeed – Differential Subordinations for Higher-Order Derivatives of Multivalent Analytic Functions Associated with Dziok-Srivastava Operator Abstract (.pdf)
5. Vlad Ciobotariu-Boer – On some common generalizations of two classes of integral inequalities for twice differentiable functions Abstract (.pdf)
6. Abiodun Tinuoye Oladipo – Harmonic function prestarlike associated with generalized Bessel functions Abstract (.pdf)
7. Jiasheng Zeng – Boundedness for Multilinear Integral Operators on Triebel- Lizorkin and Lebesgue Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
8. Anjana Bhattacharyya – Fuzzy Almost s*-Compact Space Abstract (.pdf)
9. M. Lellis Thivagar, V. Sutha Devi – Another form of Nano topology via ring structure Abstract (.pdf)
10. D.G. Prakasha, B. S. Hadimani – M-Projective Curvature Tensor on a Generalized Sasakian Space-form Abstract (.pdf)
11. R. M. El-Ashwah, W. Y. Kota – Some Inclusion and Convolution Properties for Meromorphically Multivalent Functions Involving the Differ-Integral Operator Abstract (.pdf)
12. A.M. Bica, M. Curilă, S. Curilă – The method of iterated splines for integral equations with vanishing delay Abstract (.pdf)
13. Sever Hodiș, Laura Mesaroș – A Thunsdorff type inequality Abstract (.pdf)
14. M. Sidiq and K. O. Babalola – Two radii for certain Bazilevič maps Abstract (.pdf)
15. Jayanta Ghosh, Dhananjoy Mandal, T. K. Samanta – Soft semiprimary intideals of a ring Abstract (.pdf)
16. Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas – (p,q)-th relative Ritt order of entire functions in the form of vector valued Dirichlet series Abstract (.pdf)
17. G. S. Saluja – An implicit iterative algorithm for two finite families of asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in the intermediate sense in convex metric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
18. Xhevat Z. Krasniqi – Characterizations of (p,q;α)-convex sequences Abstract (.pdf)
19. Sorin Trifa – Approximation of Analytic Functions with an Arbitrary Order by Baskakov-Kantorovich-Faber and Szasz-Kantorovich-Faber Operators in Compact Sets Abstract (.pdf)
20. Adonia - Augustina Opriș – About a family of Bernstein operators Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXIV (2017), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Şahsene Altinkaya and Sibel Yalçin – Poisson Distribution Series for Certain Subclasses of Starlike Functions with Negative Coefficients Abstract (.pdf)
2. Olga Engel – On a class of analytic functions defined by the Sălăgean integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
3. S. Porwal, N. Magesh and C. Murugesan – On certain classes of analytic functions involving Poisson distribution series Abstract (.pdf)
4. P. Jeyanthi, P. Nalayini and T. Noiri – Generalized prsp-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
5. Soley Ersoz, Aysenur Türkoğlu and Hilal Polat – Anti-Spaces of Strongly k- Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Mohammed Amin Abdellaoui and Benharrat Belaïdi – Growth and Oscillation of Some Polynomials Generated by Solutions of Non-Homogeneous Complex Linear Differential Equations Abstract (.pdf)
7. P.Nandini and S. Latha – Coefficient inequalities for certain classes of analytic functions using q-Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
8. Firooz Pashaie – On L1 -biharmonic spacelike hypersurfaces in pseudo- Euclidean space 5 E1 Abstract (.pdf)
9. G. S. Saluja – Strong and weak convergence theorems of a new iterative scheme with errors for two finite families of generalized asymptotically quasinonexpansive mappings Abstract (.pdf)
10. M. Lellis Thivagar, M. Arockia Dasan, V. Ramesh – New Sort of Ideal Spaces in N-Topology Abstract (.pdf)
11. Serap Bulut – Faber polynomial coefficient estimates for a certain subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions Abstract (.pdf)
12. Ghiocel Groza and Marilena Jianu – Functions of two variables represented into Newton interpolating series Abstract (.pdf)
13. Khaled Zennir and Sewalem Beumy Ghanem – Global existence of solution for semi-linear wave equation of Kirchhoff type with memory in Rn Abstract (.pdf)
14. Noureddine Bouteraa and Slimane Benaicha – Existence of solutions for threepoint boundary value problem for nonlinear fractional differential equations Abstract (.pdf)
15. Georgia Irina Oros, Gheorghe Oros and Daniela Andrada Bardac-Vlada – Differential subordinations obtained using generalizations of Hallenbeck, Ruscheweyh and Suffridge theorems Abstract (.pdf)
16. Asghar Khan, Muhammad Izhar and Jian Tang – Uni-soft structure applied to ordered AG-groupoids Abstract (.pdf)
17. Ajoy Mukharjee and Arup Roy Choudhury – Asymmetric dual semi-open sets Abstract (.pdf)
18. Anjana Bhattacharyya – Some Different Types of Fuzzy Normal Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
19. A. Kanibir – On the completeness in generalized neighborhood systems Abstract (.pdf)
20. Belaala Maatougui – Lipschitz φ -summing operators Abstract (.pdf)
21. Farid Messelmi – Asymptotic Behavior of Unsteady Herschel-Bulkley Flow Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXIV (2017), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. M. Mahboobi, Sh. Najafzadeh, A. Ebadian – Norm-attaining Volterra-type operators on some analytic function spaces Abstract (.pdf)
2. O. Karthiyayini, V. Sivasankari – Subordination Results for a class of γ - spirallike functions Abstract (.pdf)
3. P. Jeyanthi, P. Nalayini, T. Noiri – PP-Regular sets in Generalized Topological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
4. Pei He, Xia Wu – Weighted Lipschitz Estimates for Multilinear Commutator of Marcinkiewicz Operator Abstract (.pdf)
5. Nouiri Brahim, Benabderrahmane Benyattou – Analysis of a quasistatic total slip-dependent frictional contact problem for viscoelastic materials with long-term memory Abstract (.pdf)
6. Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa – A General Form of Contra M-continuous Functions in Bitopological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
7. Bayaz Daraby, Hassan Ghazanfary Asll, Ildar Sadeqi – Gronwall's inequality for pseudo-integral Abstract (.pdf)
8. Bogdan D. Opris – Approximation with an arbitrary order by generalized Szasz- Stancu and Baskakov-Stancu type operators Abstract (.pdf)
9. Soumia Belmouhoub, Bekkai Messirdi – Singular Schrödinger Operators Via Grushin Problem Method Abstract (.pdf)
10. Alb Lupaş Alina – Differential sandwich theorems involving a multiplier transformation and Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
11. M. Abd El-latif, Rodyna A. Hosny – Soft supra extra strongly generalized closed sets Abstract (.pdf)
12. G. S. Saluja – On common fixed point theorems in complex valued b-metric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
13. Ajoy Mukharjee, Madhusudhan Paul, M. K. Bose – On semi-compact spaces Abstract (.pdf)
14. Dhananjoy Mandal, Manik Das – On a new type of generalized closed sets in a GTS via hereditary classes and certain applications Abstract (.pdf)
15. Sumita Das, M. N. Mukherjee – Generalized Closure Operator and T1/2 -space via Fuzzy Grill Abstract (.pdf)
16. Anjana Bhattacharyya Fuzzy Weakly (μ,λ )-Closed Functions Abstract (.pdf)
17. A. Al-Omari, T. Noiri, S. Modak – Paracompact spaces with m-structures Abstract (.pdf)
18. S. B. Joshi, H. H. Pawar, P. P. Yadav – Coefficient estimates for certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions Abstract (.pdf)
19. Sampa Pahan, Buddhadev Pal, Arindam Bhattacharyya – Multiply Warped Product on Quasi-Einstein Manifold with a Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection Abstract (.pdf)
20. M. Muslim, Avadhesh Kumar, Ravi P. Agarwal – Exact Controllability of Fractional Integro-differential Systems of Order α ∈(1,2] with Deviated Argument Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXIII (2016), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Arezki Touzaline - Variational analysis of a unilateral contact problem with adhesion and friction Abstract (.pdf)
2. Ajoy Mukharjee - On maximality and minimality of μ -open and μ -closed sets Abstract (.pdf)
3. N'guessan Koffi, Diabate Nabongo - Numerical Blow-up for solutions of semilinear heat equations with small diffusion Abstract (.pdf)
4. E. Amini, Sh. Najafzadeh, A. Ebadian - On a subclass of spirallike functions Abstract (.pdf)
5. Şahsene Altinkaya, Sibel Yalcin - Second Hankel Determinant Problem for 2- bi-starlike Functions Abstract (.pdf)
6. Maria Talpău Dimitriu - Global smoothness preservation for the Stancu operators on simplex Abstract (.pdf)
7. Anjana Bhattacharyya - Several Concepts of Fuzzy Generalized Continuity in Fuzzy Topological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
8. D. Baleanu, Rakesh K. Parmar, S.D. Purohit - A Class of Generating Functions Involving Extended Appell Hypergeometric Function Abstract (.pdf)
9. Qiong Chen - A Sharp Function Inequality for Multilinear Singular Integral Operator Abstract (.pdf)
10. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Husamaldin I. Dhayea - Estimate coefficients for subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions involving the polylogarithm function Abstract (.pdf)
11. Yamna Boukhatem, Benyattou Benabderrahmane - Existence and exponential decay of solutions for the variable-coefficient wave equations Abstract (.pdf)
12. Krishanu Mandal, U.C. De - Ricci solitons on almost Kenmotsu manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
13. Kulbir Singh, Romesh Kumar - 2-Normed D-Modules and Hahn-Banach Theorem for D-linear 2-functionals Abstract (.pdf)
14. Ajoy Mukharjee - On maximal and minimal clopen sets Abstract (.pdf)
15. D. Vamshee Krishna, T. RamReddy - Second Hankel determinant for reciprocal of starlike and convex functions Abstract (.pdf)
16. E.D. Zildirim, O.B. Őybakir - On soft I~ -scattered spaces Abstract (.pdf)
17. Moiz ud Din Khan, Rafaqat Noreen - On Paratopologized Groups Abstract (.pdf)
18. G. S. Saluja - Convergence theorems for a family of asymptotically quasinonexpansive type mappings in CAT(0) spaces and applications Abstract (.pdf)
19. A. H. Handam - Coupled N-structures and their applications in IS algebras Abstract (.pdf)
20. Páll-Szabó Ágnes Orsolya - Integral properties of certain class of analytic functions with varying arguments defined by Sălăgean derivative Abstract (.pdf)
21. Alb Lupaş Alina - A note on special fuzzy differential subordinations using multiplier transformation Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXIII (2016), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. K. O. Babalola - New insights into Bazilevic maps Abstract (.pdf)
2. Min-Jie Luo, S.D. Purohit, and R.K. Raina - q-Analogues of Sofo's series involving reciprocals of binomial coefficients Abstract (.pdf)
3. R. Jamunarani and P. Jeyanthi - Some sets and decomposition of continuity in generalized topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
4. Srimayee Samui and U. C. De - On anti-invariant submanifolds of generalized Sasakian space forms Abstract (.pdf)
5. Tariq Al-Hawary and B.A. Frasin - Uniformly Analytic Functions with Varying Arguments Abstract (.pdf)
6. Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa - On contra m - continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
7. Difei Ouyang - Boundedness of Toeplitz Type Operator Related to Fractional and Singular Integral Operators Satisfying a Variant of Hörmander's Condition on Orlicz Space Abstract (.pdf)
8. Fuad. S. M. Al Sarari and S. Latha - A note on the coefficient inequalities for symmetrical functions with conic regions Abstract (.pdf)
9. Flavia-Corina Mitroi-Symeonidis - A sandwich theorem for convex set-valued functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. Anjana Bhattacharyya - On βα-closed sets, βα-continuity and α-β-almost compactness for crisp subsets of a fuzzy topological space Abstract (.pdf)
11. Poonam Sharma and Aditya K. Bajpai - The convolution of analytic functions involving a parameter Abstract (.pdf)
12. Tapan Senapati - Cubic BF-subalgebras of BF-algebras Abstract (.pdf)
13. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, M. Sh. Abdul Hussein and M. F. Hani - Certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions defined by Hohlov operator Abstract (.pdf)
14. Şahsene Altınkaya and Sibel Yalçın - Second Hankel Determinant for a Comprehensive Subclass of Bi-univalent Functions Abstract (.pdf)
15. Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas and Chinmay Biswas - Relative Order Oriented Growth Analysis of Iterated Entire Functions Abstract (.pdf)
16. Moussadek Remili and Lynda D. Oudjedi - Boundedness and stability in third order nonlinear differential equations with bounded delay Abstract (.pdf)
17. Valeriu Popa - Altering distances and fixed point results for strongly tangential multi - valued mappings Abstract (.pdf)
18. Khalifa Al-Shaqsi - Univalence Criterion for Integral Operator Abstract (.pdf)
19. Nasr Ahmed and H. Rafat - Retractions of McVittie Space-time Abstract (.pdf)
20. Firooz Pashaie and Akram Mohammadpouri - Lk-biharmonic hypersurfaces of Lorentz-Minkowski spaces Abstract (.pdf)
21. Abdul Rauf Khan, Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry and Imran Javaid - Some Results On prime and semiprime Γ-rings Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXII (2015), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Mitrofan M.Choban, Ina D. Ciobanu - On compact subsets of free topological algebras Abstract (.pdf)
2. Alias B. Khalaf, Suzan N. Dawod, Saeid Jafari - g*bp-continuous, Almost g*bp-continuous and Weakly g*bp-continuous functions Abstract (.pdf)
3. Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas, Md Azizul Hoque - A Direction to the Results on Relative Order Based Growth Properties of Differential Polynomials Abstract (.pdf)
4. Laura Stanciu - Two integral operators and their univalence Abstract (.pdf)
5. Arindam Sarkar, Paulomi Chattopadhyay - Meromorphic Functions Sharing Two Sets Abstract (.pdf)
6. M.Parimala - Strongly b-I-open sets in ideal topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
7. R. A. Rashwan, D. M. Albaqeri - Common random fixed point theorems of nonself asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive-type mappings in convex metric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
8. Mugur Acu, Petrică Dicu, Radu Diaconu - Preserving properties of p-valent functions Abstract (.pdf)
9. Alb Lupaş Alina - On a certain subclass of analytic functions involving multiplier transformation and Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
10. Lakehal Belarbi, Mohamed Belkhelfa - Some Results in Riemannian Manifolds with Density Abstract (.pdf)
11. Adriana Cătaş - Subordination results associated with multiplier transformations Abstract (.pdf)
12. Igor Chyzhykov, Mariia Voitovych - On the growth of spirallike functions Abstract (.pdf)
13. Mugur Acu, Petrică Dicu - Integral operators onto the class of meromorphic functions MR2(n,μ,γ) Abstract (.pdf)
14. Junichi Nishiwaki, Shigeyoshi Owa - On uniformly-type Sakaguchi functions Abstract (.pdf)
15. Yaşar Polatoğlu - Harmonic Mappings Related To m-fold Symmetric Janowski Starlike Functions Abstract (.pdf)
16. Neslihan Uyanik, Shigeyoshi Owa - Coefficient problems for certain analytic functions related to some differential operators Abstract (.pdf)
17. R. Sahraoui, A. Bourega - Approached Problems in Optimization Abstract (.pdf)
18. Yasemin Kahramaner - Harmonic mappings related to the class of generalized p-valent Janowski close-to-convex functions Abstract (.pdf)
19. Alb Lupaş Alina - On a certain subclass of analytic functions defined by multiplier transformation Abstract (.pdf)
20. Hasan Yurt - Approximation in Weighted Lebesgue and Smirnov Spaces with Matrix Transforms Abstract (.pdf)
21. Adela Olimpia Venter - On special fuzzy differential subordination using Ruscheweyh operator Abstract (.pdf)
22. Georgia Irina Oros, Gheorghe Oros, Daniela Andrada Bardac-Vlada - Differential subordinations and superordinations obtained with some new integral operators Abstract (.pdf)
23. Roberta Bucur, Daniel Breaz - Third Hankel determinant for starlike and convex functions with respect to conjugate points Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXII (2015), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. Sorin Muresan, Loredana-Florentina Iambor - On good and special weakly Picard operators Abstract (.pdf)
2. Nicolae Marian Seimeanu, Mihai-Gabriel BabuŃia, Traian Ceausu - Nonuniform polynomial asymptotic behaviors for evolution operators in Banach spaces Abstract (.pdf)
3. Serban E. Vlad - Binary signals: necessary and sufficient conditions of periodicity of a point Abstract (.pdf)
4. Saurabh Porwal, N. Magesh, Amar Khan - A new subclass of hypergeometric meromorphic functions with fixed second positive coefficients Abstract (.pdf)
5. Xhevat Z. Krasniqi - L1-convergence of a set of modified sums Abstract (.pdf)
6. Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa - A Generalization of Strongly Irresolute Functions in Bitopological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
7. M. R. Azimi, S. Bazm - Composition operators on the weighted locally convex space of measurable functions Abstract (.pdf)
8. Anjana Bhattacharyya – Unified version of fuzzy generalized open sets on fuzzy topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
9. Adara M. Blaga - Dual and generalized dual connections on complex manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
10. K.Vijaya, M.Kasthuri - Subclass of starlike and convex functions associated with Bessel functions Abstract (.pdf)
11. C. Selvaraj, O. S. Babu, G. Murugusundaramoorthy - Some subclasses of pvalent functions defined by an extended fractional differintegral operator Abstract (.pdf)
12. Acu Mugur, Diaconu Radu – Preserving properties by Alexander integral operator of certain subclasses of analytic functions with negative coefficients Abstract (.pdf)
13. Alexandru Mihai Bica - Minimizing the oscilation for splines generated by initial conditions Abstract (.pdf)
14. S. Jafari, A. Selvakumar, M. Parimala - Operation approach of g*-closed sets in ideal topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
15. Alina Alb Lupas - On a subclass of analytic functions defined by multiplier transformations Abstract (.pdf)
16. A. Ghareeb, M. M. Khalaf - On weak structures Abstract (.pdf)
17. T. Noiri, S. Modak - Half connectedness in GTS Abstract (.pdf)
18. A.T. Oladipo - Coefficient estimates for some families of analytic univalent functions associated with q-analogue of Dziok-Srivastava operator Abstract (.pdf)
19. Miguel Caldas, Saeid Jafari, Takashi Noiri - Almost contra d -semicontinuity in Topological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
20. Waggas Galib Atshan, Huda Khalid Abid Zaid - Superordination Results for Multivalent Functions Involving a Multiplier Transformation Abstract (.pdf)
21. Adina Pop - Some results on additive endomorphisms in (n,2)-semirings Abstract (.pdf)
22. R. Tayebi Khorami, A. Borumand Saeid - A New Ideal of BCK-algebras Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXI (2014), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Dan Dumitru - Totally disconnected attractors of countable iterated function systems Abstract (.pdf)
2. Farid Messelmi - Existence and Regularity of 3D-Steady-State Flow of Williamson Fluid Abstract (.pdf)
3. T. M. Seoudy - Various properties of certain subclass of multivalent analytic functions involving the integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
3. T. M. Seoudy - Various properties of certain subclass of multivalent analytic functions involving the integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
4. Krishnendu De - On a type of semi-symmetric metric connection in an LPSasakian manifold with a coefficient α Abstract (.pdf)
5. Ahmad Al-Omari - On weakly open functions in generalized topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. A. E. El-Ahmady, M.Abu-Saleem - Retractions of chaotic Buchdahi space and their chaotic homology group Abstract (.pdf)
7. Kirti Dhuria, Rachna Mathur – Starlike and convexity conditions for the Bernardi integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
8. Anjana Bhattacharyya – α* - Closure operator in fuzzy setting Abstract (.pdf)
9. Ahmad H. A. Bataineh - Some classes of difference sequences defined by modulus functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. Poonam Sharma, Ravinder Krishna Raina, Janusz Sokol - Certain subordination results involving a class of operator Abstract (.pdf)
11. Abhijit Banerjee, Sujoy Majumder - Non Linear Differential Monomials Sharing Two Values with Weight Abstract (.pdf)
12. Ilie Valusescu – Some geometrical aspects of the Γ-correlated processes Abstract (.pdf)
13. Ion Mihoc, Cristina Ioana Fătu - On the moments of the weighted generalized exponential distributions Abstract (.pdf)
14. Alb Lupaş Alina – Some differential subordinations using multiplier transformation Abstract (.pdf)
15. Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu – The Max-Weibull power series distribution Abstract (.pdf)
16. Acu Mugur, Diaconu Radu – Preserving properties of some integral operators Abstract (.pdf)
17. Andrei Loiana – Differential superordination results using a generalized Sălăgean operator and Ruscheweyh operator Abstract (.pdf)
18. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, S.P. Vijayalakshmi, T.V. Sudharsan – Coefficient Estimates for some Subclasses of Bi-univalent Functions based on Ruscheweyh Derivative Abstract (.pdf)
19. Ameur Memou, M. Denche – On a Mixed Nonlocal Problem With Integral Condition for a Second Order Parabolic Equation Abstract (.pdf)
20. Alina Alb Lupaş, Loriana Andrei– On univalence criteria for analytic functions defined by generalized Sălăgean operator and Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
21. Yiwen Jiang, Ludovic Dan Lemle, Yu Miao, Flavius Pater – On a class of Dirichlet operators on a Riemannian manifold Abstract (.pdf)
22. Simona Drăgan – On some concepts of dichotomy for evolution operators in locally convex spaces Abstract (.pdf)
23. Adriana Cătaş – Subordination and superordination results for certain subclasses of analytic functions Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XXI (2014), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. Mohammed Benharrat, Bekkai Messirdi - Relationship between the essential quasi-Fredholm spectrum and the closed-range spectrum Abstract (.pdf)
2. Muhammad Amer Latif, Muhamet Emin Özdemir, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir - New inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose derivatives in absolute value are quasi-convex with applications Abstract (.pdf)
3. Ahmad Abu-Saleem, Ali Shihab, Mihail B. Banaru - On six-dimensional Kählerian and nearly-Kählerian submanifolds of Cayley algebra Abstract (.pdf)
4. R. M. El-Ashwaht, M. K. Aouf, A. Shamandy, S. M. El-Deeb - On a Class of Multivalent Functions Defined by Dziok-Srivastava-Operator Abstract (.pdf)
5. Sumit Chandok, Yeol Je Cho - Coupled common fixed point theorems for the mixed g-monotone mappings in partially ordered metric spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Deepak B. Pachpatte - On Certain Integrodifferential equations in two variables on time scales Abstract (.pdf)
7. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Hazha Zirar - Properties of a subclass of P-valent functions defined by new operator Vp Abstract (.pdf)
8. A. E. El-Ahmady, M. Abu-Saleem - Retractions of chaotic black hole and their fundamental group Abstract (.pdf)
9. K. O. Babalola - Combinations of geometric expressions implying schlichtness Abstract (.pdf)
10. Erdoğan Şen, Kamil Oruçoğlu - On spectral properties of a discontinuous fourth-order boundary value problem with transmission conditions Abstract (.pdf)
11. Daqing Lu - Sharp Estimates and Weighted Boundedness for Some Multilinear Integral Operators Abstract (.pdf)
12. R. A. Borzooei, R. Ameri, M. Hamidi - Fundamental Relation On Hyper BCK-algebras Abstract (.pdf)
13. Muhammad Akram, Jacob Kavikumar, Azme Khamis - On N - Γ - ideals in Γ-AG**-groupoids Abstract (.pdf)
14. Waggas Galib Atshan, Assra Abdul Jaleel Husien - Some Results of Second Order Differential Subordination for Fractional Integral of Dziok-Srivastava Operator Abstract (.pdf)
15. Madad Khan, Tariq Aziz, Naveed Yaqoob - Generalized interval-valued fuzzy right ideals of Abel Grassmann's groupoids Abstract (.pdf)
16. Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa – On Two Forms of Continuity in Biminimal Structure Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
17. Dilek Söylemez Özden, Gülen Başcanbaz-Tunca, Ali Aral - Approximation by complex q - Baskakov operators in compact disks Abstract (.pdf)
18. Abbas Kareem Wanas, Ahmed Sallal Joudah - Sandwich Theorems for Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions Definend by Convolution Structure with Generalizad Operator Abstract (.pdf)
19. Andrei Loriana – Strong differential subordinations and superordinations using a new integral operator Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XX (2013), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Anjana Bhattacharyya - Upper and lower weakly quasi continuous fuzzy multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
2. R. Jamunarani, P. Jeyanthi, M. Velrajan - D-sets and decompositions of continuity in generalized topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
3. Erdogan Şen - Completeness of eigenfunctions of discontinuous boundary value problems Abstract (.pdf)
4. Qingfeng Xiao - The symmetric generalized centro-symmetric extremal rank solutions of the matrix equation AX=B Abstract (.pdf)
5. Saurabh Porwal - Mapping Properties of Generalized Bessel Functions on Some Subclasses of Univalent Functions Abstract (.pdf)
6. Sumit Chandok - Some Common Fixed Point Theorems For a pair of different compatible type Mappings Abstract (.pdf)
7. Sunny Chauhan, B. D. Pant, Suneel Kumar, Anita Tomar - A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Non-Archimedean Menger PM-space Abstract (.pdf)
8. Anjaly Jose, Sunil C. Mathew – Local to global properties of invertible L- topologies Abstract (.pdf)
9. R. M. El-Ashwah - A Certain Convolution Approach for Subclasses of p-Valent Harmonic Functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. R. M. El-Ashwah, M. K. Aouf, A. Shamandy, S. M. El-Deeb - Properties of Certain Classes of p-Valent Functions Associated with New Integral Operators Abstract (.pdf)
11. Kuldip Raj, Sunil K. Sharma - µ-statistical convergent double sequence spaces Abstract (.pdf)
12. Marcela Mihai - New Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities obtained via Riemann-Liouville fractional calculus Abstract (.pdf)
13. Arkojyoti Biswas - On generalised relative proximate order of entire and meromorphic functions Abstract (.pdf)
14. S. Krishnaprakash, V. Dhanya, R. Ramesh - On µ-bR0 and µ-bR1 spaces Abstract (.pdf)
15. Saurabh Porwal, B.A. Frasin, Ajay Singh - Partial Sums of Certain Integral Operator on Harmonic Univalent Functions Abstract (.pdf)
16. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh – On Upper and Lower weakly c-γ-continuous Multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
17. T. Noiri, K. Viswanathan, J. Jayasudha - Decompositions of pre-I-continuity Abstract (.pdf)
18. C. Selvaraj, K. R. Karthikeyan, E. Umadevi - Certain Classes Of Meromorhic Multivalent Functions With Respect To (j, k) Symmetric Points Abstract (.pdf)
19. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Fateh S. Aziz - Application of Ruscheweyh Derivative on Classes of Bi-univalent Functions Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XX (2013), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On almost contra-γ -continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
2. Sayyed Heidar Jafari, Nader Jafari Rad - On the intersection graphs of normal subgroups of nilpotent groups Abstract (.pdf)
3. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On upper and lower strong γ -continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
4. Waggas Galib Atshan, Abbas Kareem Wanas - Differential Subordinations of Multivalent Analytic Functions Associated with Ruscheweyh Derivative Abstract (.pdf)
5. Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa - Weakly Quasi M-Continuous Functions in Bitopological Spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Farid Messelmi, Abdelbaki Merouani - Properties of the Laminar Flow of Herschel-Bulkley Fluid Abstract (.pdf)
7. Shahram Najafzadeh, E.Pezeshki - Some aspects of univalent holomorphic functions involving Ruscheweyh and Salagean operators Abstract (.pdf)
8. Arezki Touzaline – A viscoelastic frictional contact problem with adhesion Abstract (.pdf)
9. Poonam Sharma - Subordination and superordination properties involving Wright's generalized hypergeometric functions Abstract (.pdf)
10. Chang-Jian Zhao, Mihaly Bencze - A new Holder-type inequality and its application Abstract (.pdf)
11. Ahmad Al-Omari, Takashi Noiri - Some weak separation axioms in a weak structure space due to Csaszar Abstract (.pdf)
12. Vasile Marius Macarie, Daniel Breaz - On the convexity of an integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
13. Ritu Sen - Local Connectedness in Hyperspace Topology Abstract (.pdf)
14. R. M. El-Ashwah, M. K. Aouf, Ahmed M. Abd-Eltawab - Applications of Differential Subordination on Certain Subclasses of p-Valent Meromorphic Functions Abstract (.pdf)
15. Laura Stanciu - Some properties for a new integral operator on the classes ( ) b S*λ and C (b) λ Abstract (.pdf)
16. B.A. Frasin, N.Magesh, S. Porwal – Univalence criteria for general integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
17. Didem Aydin, Ali Aral - Some Approximation Properties of Complex q-Gauss-Weierstrass Type Integral Operators in the Unit Disk Abstract (.pdf)
18. Zinelaâbidine Latreuch, Benharrat Belaidi - New Estimations About the Order of Growth and the Type of Meromorphic Functions in the Complex Plane Abstract (.pdf)
19. Mohammad Zurigat - The multi-step analytic method and application for approximating a giving up fractional smoking model Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XIX (2012), Issue No. 2, Contents (.pdf)

1. Alb Lupaş Alina - A note on special strong differential subordinations using a generalized Sălăgean operator and Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
2. Borşa Emilia -Asymptotic analysis for the volume flux in a Marangoni flow of a thin rivulet Abstract (.pdf)
3. Cătaş Adriana - On certain properties of a subclass of harmonic univalent functions Abstract (.pdf)
4. Costea Felicia Mirabela - Free constructions of profinite rings Abstract (.pdf)
5. Drăgan Simona - Exponential stability of evolution operators in locally convex spaces Abstract (.pdf)
6. Gal Sorin - Defects Preserving Approximation by Bernstein Polynomials Abstract (.pdf)
7. Găvruţa Laura - New results on frames for operators Abstract (.pdf)
8. Nica Octavia - Extensions of the Leray-Schauder Principle for Integral Systems Abstract (.pdf)
9. Oros Georgia Irina - Briot-Bouquet fuzzy differential subordination Abstract (.pdf)
10. Şendruţiu Roxana, Oros Gheorghe – On special fuzzy differential subordination using Sălăgean operator Abstract (.pdf)
11. Tripe Adela - Topological rings with hereditarily linearly compact completion Abstract (.pdf)

Tom XIX (2012), Issue No. 1, Contents (.pdf)

1. Waggas Galib Atshan, Jumana Hikmet Sulman - Some properties of a class of univalent functions defined by subordination property II Abstract (.pdf)
2. Oladipo Abiodun Tinuoye - Certain subclasses of analytic functions with negative coefficients defined by Aouf derivative operator Abstract (.pdf)
3. A. Rezaei, A. Borumand Saeid - Some results in BE-algebras Abstract (.pdf)
4. N.Magesh, N.B.Gatti, S.Mayilvaganan - On certain subclasses of starlike and convex functions of complex order Abstract (.pdf)
5. Adara M. Blaga - Extended connections on Hermitian manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
6. Jamal M. Mustafa - On some separation axioms via supra b-open sets Abstract (.pdf)
7. Sh. Najafzadeh, A.Ebadian - Meromorphically p-valent functions with fixed second coefficients involving a certain linear operator Abstract (.pdf)
8. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On slightly γ -continuous Multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
9. Dan Miclaus - On the remainder in bivariate approximation formula by means of Mirakjan-Favard-Szasz type operators Abstract (.pdf)
10. Waggas Galib Atshan, Jumana Hikmet Sulman - A new class of multivalent harmonic functions associated a linear operator Abstract (.pdf)
11. Ali Muhammad - Some properties of a class of generalized non-Bazilevic functions Abstract (.pdf)
12. Sena Ozen - A note on Irg -closed sets in ideal spaces Abstract (.pdf)
13. Alina Alb Lupas - Certain strong differential superordinations using a multiplier transformation and Ruscheweyh operator Abstract (.pdf)
14. S. P. Goyal, Sanjay Kumar Bansal, Pranay Goswami, Mamoru Nunokawa - Differential Inequalities For Analytic Functions Using Differential Operator Abstract (.pdf)
15. Adriana Brandas - Weighted trapezoidal approximation preserving the support of a fuzzy number Abstract (.pdf)
16. Roxana Sendrutiu, Georgia Irina Oros, Gheorghe Oros - Simple sufficient conditions for univalence of some integral operators Abstract (.pdf)
17. N. Ravikumar, S. Latha - A Note On Convolution Conditions for a certain class of analytic functions Abstract (.pdf)
18. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - Characterizations of Rarely γ -continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
19. Dan Barbosu, Ovidiu T. Pop - A Stancu's type cubature formula Abstract (.pdf)
20. Ahmad Al-Omari, Takashi Noiri - On ΨG -operator in grill topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
21. Sorin Muresan, Octavia-Maria Nica - Comparing two integral operators in the approach of Cauchy problems Abstract (.pdf)
22. Shyamapada Modak, Biswanath Garai, Sukalyan Mistry - Remarks on ideal m- space Abstract (.pdf)
23. Poonam Sharma - Wgh inequalities for certain mappings of a linear operator involving Wright's generalized hypergeometric (Wgh) functions Abstract (.pdf)
24. Sujit Ghosh, Uday Chand De - On a class of (k,μ)-contact metric manifolds Abstract (.pdf)
25. Belal Batiha - Comparison of Numerical Methods for Solving One Species Lotka--Volterra Equation Abstract (.pdf)
26. K. O. Babalola - Subclasses of analytic functions defined by the inverses of certain integral operators Abstract (.pdf)
27. M. Shapiro, D.C. Struppa, A. Vajiac, M.B. Vajiac - Hyperbolic Numbers and their Functions Abstract (.pdf)

Contents Fasc. Matematica, Tom XVIII 2011 (.pdf)

1. Om P. Ahuja - Inclusion theorems involving uniformly harmonic starlike mappings and hypergeometric functions Abstract (.pdf)
2. Cristian Ida - On transversally Chern-Finsler connection Abstract (.pdf)
3. Huang Mingliang, Liu Lanzhe - Good λ estimate for multilinear commutator of Bochner-Riesz operator Abstract (.pdf)
4. Cristinel Mortici - A method for high precision calculations of some special functions Abstract (.pdf)
5. L. Dileep, S. Latha - Varying arguments and Al-Oboudi type functions Abstract (.pdf)
6. H.M. Jaradat - Series solutions to the two point boundary value problems using modified homotopy analysis method Abstract (.pdf)
7. C. Carpintero, N. Rajesh, E. Rosas - Some new types of functions via topological operators Abstract (.pdf)
8. Camelia Mădălina Bălăeţi - On a general class of starlike functions of order α Abstract (.pdf)
9. Jamal M. Mustafa - (1, 2)b-Separation axioms in bitopological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
10. Mohand Ould-Ali, Bekkai Messirdi - Limits, sums and products of operators with closed range in Hilbert space Abstract (.pdf)
11. S. Latha - ERRATUM: A note on preserving properties of an integral operator Abstract (.pdf)
12. Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa - On almost m-continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
13. Cătălin Barbu - The hyperbolic Stewart theorem in the Einstein relativistic velocity model of hyperbolic geometry Abstract (.pdf)
14. Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Sawsan J. Kadhum - Some results associated with certain classes of analytic and univalent functions Abstract (.pdf)
15. Liu Lanzhe, Zhu Yusen - Continuity for multilinear Marcinkiewicz integral operators on Hardy and Herz-Hardy spaces Abstract (.pdf)
16. Dan Dumitru - On multiply generalized Robertson-Walker space-time Abstract (.pdf)
17. Alina Alb Lupaş - Certain special differential superordinations using a generalized Sălăgean operator and Ruscheweyh derivative Abstract (.pdf)
18. Dan Bărbosu, Ovidiu T. Pop, Dan Miclăuş - On some extensions for the Szász-Mirakjan operators Abstract (.pdf)
19. S.P. Goyal, Rakesh Kumar - Subordination properties for a certain class of analytic functions defined by a new generalized differential operator Abstract (.pdf)
20. Waggas Galib Atshan, Rafid Habib Buti - A generalization of a class of p-valent harmonic functions involving a generalized Ruscheweyh type operator Abstract (.pdf)
21. Loredana-Florentina Galea - New properties for the p variables Stancu operators Abstract (.pdf)
22. Belkacem Sahli - Optimal choice of the simple multipole coefficients by minimizing the norm of the kernel of the modified integral operator for the elastic two-dimensional case Abstract (.pdf)
23. Farid Messelmi - The existence of weak solutions for the 3D-steady-state flow of blood in arteries Abstract (.pdf)
24. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On contra-γ-continuous multifunctions Abstract (.pdf)
25. N. Shilpa, S. Latha - Subclasses of analytic functions involving Sălăgean - Ruscheweyh Operator Abstract (.pdf)
26. M.N. Mukherjee, Sumita Das - α-Compactness for crisp subsets in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces Abstract (.pdf)
27. Flavia Corina Mitroi - On the Jensen-Steffensen inequality and superquadraticity Abstract (.pdf)

Contents Fasc. Matematica, Tom XVII 2010 #2 (*.pdf)

1. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - Upper and Lower Almost γ-Continuous Multifunctions 5
2. C. Selvaraj, K. R. Karthikeyan - Some conditions for univalence of a nonlinear integral transforms 13
3. H. Bouhadjera - A general common fixed point theorem for occasionally weakly compatible maps 17
4. A. Catas - The radius of univalence of a certain class of analytic functions defined by a generalized Salagean operator 23
5. S. Bulut - On a subclass of analytic functions with negative coefficients defined by generalized Ruscheweyh differential operator 31
6. B.A. Frasin, B. Srutha Keerthi, B. Srutha Keerthi, B. Adolf Stephen - Coefficient problems for certain classes of p-valent
functions involving Hadamard products 47
7. A. Alb Lupas, A. Catas - A subclass of analytic functions defined by a generalized Salagean operator 55
8. F. Messelmi, B. Merouani - Stationary thermal flow of a Bingham fluid whose viscosity, yield limit and friction depend on the tmperature 59
9. G.Murugusundaramoorthy, K.Vijaya - Certain classes of harmonic functions associated with Dziok-Srivastava operator 75
10. T.K. Boni, H. Nachid - Continuity of the blow-up time for a nonlocal diffusion problem with Neumann boundarz condition
and a reaction term 87
11. G. Cicortas
- Categorical sequences and relative Lusternik- Schnirelmann category 107
12. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On upper and lower γ-θ-continuous MULTIFUNCTIONS 113
13. S. Latha - A Note on Preserving Properties of an Integral Operator 119
14. E. Ekici, T. Noiri - Certain subsets in ideal topological spaces 125
15. F. Messelmi, B. Merouani - Quasi-static evolution of damage in thermo-viscoplastic materials 133
16. R.A. Salajan - The convergence of the Newton’s method for multiple roots 149
17. A. Touzaline - Analysis of a contact problem with slip dependent coefficient of friction and adhesion for nonlinear elastic materials 155
18. Z. Chang-jian, M. Bencze - On some new discrete inequalities 167
19. M.A. Zurigat - Analytical approximate solutions of fractional differential equations by Laplace Adomian decomposition method 173
20. A.R.S. Juma, S. R. Kulkarni - On certain multivalent harmonic meromorphic functions 185
21. B. Daraby - Pointwise S-quasi proximally φψ-continuity between two pointwise S-quasi-proximity spaces 195
22. A.S. Ahmad, M. Banaru - Some applications of Kirichenko tensors201
23. A. Alb Lupas - Certain differential superordinations using Salagean and Ruscheweyh operators 209
24. S.G. Gal, R. Greiner - Convolution Polynomials Through Beatson Kernels in the Unit Disk 217
25. A.H. Handam - T-fuzzy ideals in near-subtraction semigroup 223

Contents Fasc. Matematica, Tom XVII 2010 #1 (*.pdf)

1. Alina Alb Lupas, Adriana Catas - On a subclass of analytic functions defined by differential Salagean operator 7
2. Alina Alb Lupas Daniel Breaz - A note on a subclass of analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative and generalized Salagean operator 11
3. Dorin Andrica, Ioana Claudia Lazar - Applications to discrete Morse theory: The collapsibility of CAT(0) hexagonal complexes of dimension 2 17
4. Dorin Andrica and Dana Mangra – Some remarks on circle – valued Morse functions 23
5. Micea Balaj – A KKM concept for families of maps 29
6. Alexandru Mihai Bica - New numerical method for Hammerstein integral equations with modified argument 33
7. Emilia-Rodica Borsa, Diana Luiza Borsa – A Solution for Viscous Flow on a Vertical Plane 45
8. Adriana Catas - Some Inclusion Relations for a Certain Family of Multivalent Functions Involving Nonhomogeneous Cauchy-Euler
Differential Equation 51
9. Corina L. Chiriac - Convergence of the proximal point algorithm variational inequalities with regular mappings 65
10. Alexandra Ciupa - On the approximation by Jakimovski-Leviatan operators 71
11. Dragos-Patru Covei - Existence of solutions to quasilinear elliptic problems with boundary blow up 77
12. Dorina Fechete, Ioan Fechete - Norm extensions on the generalized semidirect products 85
13. Camelia Frigioiu, Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih - On the Geometrization of the Rheonomic Lagrangian Mechanical Systems 89
14. Miodrag Iovanov - The variational method of Schiffer-Goluzin in an extremal problem from the class of the univalent functions 99
15. Tania A. Lazar - Remarks on some metrical fixed point theorems 111
16. Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu - A problem of approximation of the system reliability 117
17. Ion Marian Olaru - Study of nonlinear perturbation of the Laplacian via generalization contraction 123
18. Gheorghe Radu, Gheorghe Anton, Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu
– The behavior of the positive solutions of a nonlinear difference equation 127
19. Diana Stoica, Ludovic Dan Lemle – On nonuniform stability for stochastic cocycle on Banach spaces 135
20. Radu Strugariu - On necessary optimality conditions for Pareto minima in set-valued optimization problems with geometric constraints 141
21. Andreea Sandru, Dumitru Opris – Hybrid models with time delaz for the social diffusion numerical simulation 149
22. Roxana Sendrutiu - On a certain differential inequality I 159

Contents Fasc. Matematica, Tom XVI 2009

1. B. Merouani, F. Messelmi, S. Drabla - Dynamical Flow of a Bingham Fluid with Subdifferential Boundary Condition 5
2. W. G. Atshan, S. R. Kulkarni - Application Of Linear Operator On Meromorphically Univalent Functions Involving Differential
Subordination 31
3. W. G. Atshan, S. R. Kulkarni - On A New Class Of Analytic Functions With Negative Coe±cients 43
4. Z. G. Wang; T. Zeng - On Certain Subclasses of Close-to-Convex and Quasi-Convex Functions 53
5. Dr. S. Latha, D. S. Raju - A note on certain classes of analytic functions 65
6. M. Selmani - Dynamic Frictionless Contact Problems in Viscoelasticity with long-term Memory 75
7. A. Bendjeddou, R. Benterki , T. Salhi - Non-Algebraic limit cycles for some planar polynomial systems 93
8. E. R. Borşa - Wave solutions for the flow of an inclined solid plane 103
9. P. Fjelstad - Moving Continuously from Group to Group a geometric approach 109
10. A. Rahimi - Equivalence Relations between g-frames 119
11. A. Cătaş - On a class of holomorphic functions defined by a generalized Sălăgean operator 127
12. A. Rafiq, A. M. Acu - Strong convergence of an implicit iteration process with errors for a finite family of strongly pseudocontractive mappings 133
13. H. Tudor - Univalence criteria connected with starlike functions of complex order 141
14. H. Bouhadjera, A. Djoudi - Common fixed point theorems of Gregu·s type for occasionally weakly compatible maps satisfying contractive conditions of integral type 145
15. S. Bendaas - Sur une équation élliptique non linéaire µa solutions rapidement oscillantes 153
16. Y. Boukhatem, B. Benabderrahmane, A. Rahmoune - Méthode de Faedo-Galerkin pour un problµeme aux limites non linéaire 167
17. M. Degeratu - Projective limits of Lie grupoids 183
18. N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - A New type of irresolute multifunctions 189
19. I. Fechete, D. Fechete - Some categorial aspects of the skew group rings 197
20. T. Noiri, V. Popa - Some Forms of Almost Continuity for Functions in Bitopological Spaces 209
21. A. Alb Lupaş, A. Cătaş - On a subclass of analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative 225
22. S. G. Gal - Remarks on the Strong Approximation by Taylor Series in the Unit Disk 229
23. S. G. Gal, V. Gupta - Approximation of vector-valued functions by q-Durrmeyer operators with applications to random and fuzzy approximation 233
24. A. M. Blaga - Riemannian metrics on a polysymplectic manifold 241
25. H. M. Jaradat, F. Awawdeh, O. Alsayyed - Series Solution to the High-order Integro-differential Equations 247
26. A. Bica, L. Radomir - Optimal property for quadratic splines generated by initial conditions 259
27. B.C. Prasannakumar, C.S. Bagewadi; B.J. Gireesha - Transition Motion of an Unsteady Dusty Fluid Through an Open Rectangular Channel 267
28. A.R.S. Juma - Coe±cient inequalities for uniformly starlike functions with respect to symmetric points 287

Contents of 2008 Issue

S. Latha, N. Poornima - Convolution conditions for functions in certain classes of analytic (abstract)
B. Nouiri, B. Benabderrahmane - Elasto-dynamic problem with friction depending on the speed of the slip (abstract)
M. Farcas - An extension for Bernstein-Stancu operators (abstract)
O. Ravi, M.L. Thivagar, E. Ekici - Decompositions of (1,2)*-Continuity and Complete (1,2)*-Continuity in Bitopological Spaces (abstract )
G. Murugusundaramoorthy, N. Magesh, B.A. Frasin - A subclass of uniformly $\beta-$ starlike function with two fixed points (abstract )
F. Guechi, H. Mekias - Effect of surface on two-dimensional free surface flow (abstract )
B.A. Frasin, J.M. Jahangiri - A new and comprehensive class of analytic functions (abstract )
L. Chouchane, L. Selmani - On a viscoplastic model coupling adhesion and damage (abstract )
P. Felstad, G. Lasters - Connecting Pascal and Desargues with Algebra (abstract )
A.R.S. Juma, S.R. Kulkarni - On univalent harmonic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivatives (abstract )
H. Bouhadjera, A. Djoudi - Common fixed point theorems for single and set-valued maps (abstract )
S. Bouthechebak, N. Lebri - Frictionless contact problem on nonlinear elasticity (abstract )
G.A. Anastassiou - Generalized Shisha - Mond Type Inequality (abstract )
D.K. Dubey, V.K. Jain - On the iterative combinations of Szasz-Mirakyan-Durremeyer operators (abstract )
O.T. Pop - The generalization of Voronovskaja's theorem for a class of bivariate operators defined by infinite sum (abstract )
M.L. Thivagar, S.A. Ponmani, R.R. Rajeswari, E. Ekici - A Note on Bitopological $g^{\gamma }$-Closed Sets (abstract )
A.R.S. Juma, S.R. Kulkarni - On convolution operators associated with fox-wright generalized hypergeometric functions (abstract )
G. Murugusundaramoorth, N. Magesh - Differential subordinations and superordinations for certain subclasses of meromorphic functions (abstract )
F. Messelmi, B. Merouani, M. Meflah - Nonlinear thermoelasticity problem (abstract )
B. Benabderrahmane, B. Nouiri - Résolvante du systéme de Lamé dans un polygone (abstract )
S. Bendaas - L'équation de Burgers avec un terme dissipatif. Une approche Non Standard (abstract )
G.A. Anastassiou - Quantitative Multivariate Random Korovkin Theory (abstract )

Contents of 2007 Issue

R. Dadashzadeh, S. B. Nimse - On Stability in Multiobjective Linear Programming Problems with Symmetric Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers (full text)
O.T. Pop - Approximation of B-differentiable functions by GBS operators (full text)
V. Gupta, P. N. Agrawal - Rate of convergence for certain Baskakov Durrmeyer type operators (full text)
S.B. Joshi - On a Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions with Negative Coeffcients (full text)
A. Keraghel, Z. Kebbiche, M. Achache - An implementing weighted path-following algorithm for linear complementarity problems (full text)
R.S. Torogh, M.Y. Gokhale - On The Existence Of Positive Solutions Of Three-Point Nonlinear Second Order Differential Equation (full text)
L.E. Kozma - A study of solving limit problems by using monogenic surfaces (full text)
B.A. Frasin - On a differential inequality (full text)
B. Daraby, S.B. Nimse - \varphi\psi-continuity between some categories isomorphic to L- FTOP (full text)
A.M. Bica - Trapezoidal inequality for Lipschitzian vector-valued functions and an application (full text)
S.G. Gal - Bernstein-Markov Inequalities for Bivariate Convex Functions of Higher Order (full text)
M. Balaj - Intersection theorems, analytic alternatives and minimax inequalities (full text)
L.-F. Galea - Good and special WPO properties for the Bleimann-Butzer-Hahn operators (full text)
A.I. Ban, A.A. Pelea - Fuzzy entropies of the product and division of trapezoidal fuzzy numbers (full text)
C. Popescu, H. Oros - Off-line Electronic Cash Systems Based on a Secure Coalition-Resistant Group Blind Signature Scheme (full text)
S. Latha - Certain Inequalities on an Extremal Theorem and Variational Problem (full text)
I. Fechete, D. Fechete, A.M. Bica - Semidirect products and near rings (full text)
M. Dilmi, H. Benseridi, A. Guesmia - Probleme de contact sans frottement-Dirichlet pour les equations de Laplace et de Lame dans un polygone (full text)
D. Achour, L. Mezrag - Sur les operateurs sous-lineaires p-lattice sommants (full text)
M. Hannachi - Calcul des invariants metriques associes aux points singuliers d'une courbe algebrique (full text)

Contents of 2006 Issue (Abstracts)

AKGUN AYDIN Fatma - On the Green function of a second ordered differential equation with operator coefficient
ALB Daciana Alina - Epireflective subcategories of the category of compact modules
BICA Alexandru Mihai - Structural transitions for linear differential systems with application in physiology
BICA Alexandru Mihai - Successive approximations for Hammerstein integral equations
BORSA Emilia, BORSA Vasile - The matematical model on the flow of a thin liquid layer driven by gravity
CALMUŢCHI Laurenţiu - On E-compactifications of topological spaces
CĂTAŞ Adriana - A note on a certain superordinations results
CHITER Lakhdar - Towards a new variant of the DIRECT algorithm : A 2N-point based sampling method
CHOBAN M. Mitrofan, PAVEL I. Dorin - Almost periodic functions on quasigroups
COVEI Dragoş-Pătru - Existence of positive solutions to a semilinear problems
DOBRIŢOIU Maria - A Fredholm-Volterra integral equation with modified argument
DRAGOŞ Petru - Rules of Calculus Over Non-Standard Differentiable Manifolds
GICA Alexandru - An additive problem
GOLEŢ Ioan - On generalized random metric spaces
GROSU Corina - Pattern recognition with Kronecker products
IONAC Doina, TIGAN Stefan - On the transportation problems with interval data
IOVANOV Miodrag - An extremal problem for univalent functions
KADEM Abdelouahab - New Developments in the Discrete Ordinates approximation for Three Dimensional Transport Equation
PETRESCU Adrian - On s-homomorphisms of H-derived n-semigroups
PROTASOV Igor, PROTASOVA Olga - Survey of Balleans
YAHNIOGLU N., BABUSCU YESIL Ulku - Stress concentration in two neighbouring circular holes in a composite plate
UNGUREANU Viorica Mariela - Tracking problem for linear discrete-time stochastic systems in Hilbert spaces and the uniform observability

Contents of 2005 Issue (Abstracts)

Mugur Acu - On a subclass of n-convex functions associated with some hyperbola
Sh. Najafzadeh and S. R. Kulkarni - On Harmonic Meromorphic Functions in Terms of Ruscheweyh Derivatives
A. I. Ban - The interval approximation of a fuzzy number with respect to index of fuzziness
Alexandru M. Bica - A new numerical method to approximate the coefficients of the blood-glucose homeostasy mathematical model
Lakhdar Chiter - Global Optimization with Filled Function Method
Sh. Najafzadeh, A. Tehranchi and S. R. Kulkarni - Applications of Differential Operators On p-valent Meromorphic Functions
A. Fanea and C-M. Pintea - Component model for a NP-hard problem
Sorin G. Gal and Ciprian S. Gal - Laplace, Fourier and Mellin integral transforms of dual complex and of hyperbolic complex variables
Mihai Ivan - On the Commutator of a Brandt Groupoid
A. Tehranchi and S. R. Kulkarni - Some Properties of Holomorphic Harmonic Univalent Functions
Alexandru M. Bica and Razvan Gabor - Successive approximations for the solution of second order delayed differential equations
Abdelouahab Kadem - Solving the one-dimensional neutron transport equation using chebyshev polynomials and the sumudu transform
Razvan V. Gabor - Second Order Differential Equations with Delayed Argument by W.P.O.'s Technique
Georgia Irina Oros - On a class of meromorphic functions defined by the Ruscheweyh derivative
A. Tehranchi and S. R. Kulkarni - On Some Properties of Harmonic Meromorphic Functions of A Certain Class
Gh. Oros and Georgia Irina Oros - Briot-Bouquet differential superordinations and sandwich theorem (II)
H. Benseridi and M. Dilmi - Regularite des solutions de quelques probemes aux limites dans un domaine de R^2 non homogene

Contents of 2004 Issue (Abstacts)

A.M. Bica - The fuzzy-classic interpolation
D. Đurčić, M. Žižović - On the sequence of exponents of PO[0, rho] - regular variability (0<rho<1)
G.A. Anastassiou - The Csiszar's f-Divergence as a Measure of Dependence
O.T. Pop -New properties of the Bernstein-Stancu operators
M. Balaj -KKM property and minimax inequalities
D. Rochon, M. Shapiro - On algebraic properties of bicomplex and hyperbolic numbers
S.G. Gal -Tchebycheff orthogonal expansions for vector-valued functions
G. Oros, G.I. Oros, A. Cătaş -On a special differential inequality II
G.I. Oros - A new application of Sălăgean differential operator at the class of meromorphic functions
S.E. Vlad -Asynchronous pseudo-systems
K. Nikodem -Remarks on additive injective set-valued functions
N. Beroual, M. Hannachi -Sur le comportement asymptotique des cubiques

Contents of 2003 Issue (Abstracts)

Calin AGUT, On contact metric manifolds with nullity condition
Calin AGUT, QR-submanifolds with semiflat tangent connection
M. Balaj, A collectively fixed point theorem and its applications
Amelia Bucur, Posinormality of p-Cesàro operators p>1 and terraced matrix
Graţiela Cicortaş, Topological invariants in critical point theory
Sorin G. Gal and Ciprian S. Gal, Zeta Functions and the Riemann’s Hypothesis in Some Hypercomplex Variables
M. Hannachi and K.Mezaghcha, Généralisation de la notion de torsion
Andrei Loriana and Ursul Mihail, On compact domains
M. Elena Luna-Elizarrarás, An Explicit Basis of the Space of Holomorphic Differentials of an Extension Cp x Cp
Mugur Acu, A subclass of uniformly close to convex functions with negative coefficients
Georgia Irina Oros, On a differential inequality
Georgia Irina Oros, Adriana Cătaş, On a special differential inequality I
Serban. E. Vlad, Topics in asynchronous systems

Contents of 2002 Issue (Abstracts)

M. Hannachi – Expressions non standard des invariants metriqoes associes aux points d’une surface
G.A. Anastassiou – Integration by Parts on the Multivariate Domain
S.G. Gal – Necessary and sufficient conditions for univalence of holomorphic functions of some hypercomplex variables
M. Balaj, S. Mureşan – A metrical fixed point theorem
A. Bica – A probabilistic inequality and a particular quadrature formula
G.I. Oros – On a class of starlike functions of order
G. Oros, G.I. Oros – On a first-order nonlinear differential subordination I
V. Ţibu – A radiation estimate for acoustic propagator with long-range perturbation
V. Ţibu – The existence of wave operators for acoustic propagator with long-range perturbation
A.I. Ban, B. Bede – Cross product of L-R fuzzy numbers and applications
V. A. Căuş – Delay integral equations
S.E. Vlad – Towards a Mathematical Theory of the Delays of the Asynchronous Circuits