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Faculty of Sciences Facilities

    The faculty possesses a proper material foundation according to the required standards necessary for a good didactic and research work.

I.T. laboratories are equipped with two intreconnected computer networks containing 14 workstations and 11 workstations respectively, as well as the necessary annexes: terminals, printers, and software. Besides students in Mathematics-Information Technology, students in other specialization are allowed to use these laboratories, if there are subjects connected to I.T., stipulated in their curriculum.

Physics Laboratories: Laboratory of physical and acoustic mechanics: laboratory of thermodynamics, laboratory of optics and spectroscopy, laboratory of nuclear and atomic physics, laboratory of the solid-state physics, laboratory of biophysics. All these labs are equipped with apparatus made in Romania or in Germany at PHYWE, University Laboratory Experiments. A part of the works presents the possibility to process and analyze the experimental data on the computer.

Chemistry laboratories are: the laboratory of inorganic chemistry, the laboratory of organic chemistry, the laboratory of instrumental analysis, the laboratory of physical chemistry, the laboratory of bio chemistry, the laboratory of chemical technology, the laboratory of research for students and professors. Laboratory of spectroscopy is equipped with modern apparatus and substances permitting a good study of the chemistry disciplines stipulated in the curriculum of all the profiles.

Biology laboratories are: Plant Morphology and Physiology Laboratory, Plants Biotechnology Laboratory, Systematic and Phytopathology Laboratory, Invertebrates Zoology and Entomology Laboratory, Genetics and Anthropology Laboratory, Vertebrates Zoology, Hydrobiology, Ecology and Ichtiology Laboratory, Animal and Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, Cytology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory, Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Animal Histo-embriology Laboratory . All these laboratories allow the accomplishment of laboratory activities stipulated in the curriculum.